It's the business facility that lets you enjoy the charm of a tourist attraction, through foods and cultures unique to every area, featuring a myriad of shops ranging from international brands to new Japan debut brands.

In addition to the latest Japan's fashions, all type of foods and entertainment functions from all over Japan and the world assembled here. It's Japan's cutting-edge shopping center that you can enjoy all day, with playgrounds for kids.

Top-tier Japanese restaurants, rare shops that offer the experience of traditional Japanese culture? all assembled here. In COREDO Muramachi, the representative facility, there are tours of Japanese culture experience and Kimono dressing experience, being done for foreign visitors.

Featuring a range of high sense fashion, from imported brands, casual brands from inside and outside of Japan, to large-scale spa. The largest food court in the area, assembling Tokyo's famous restaurants, and the full scale Gundam statue is a must-see!