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What’s Mitsui Shopping Park&MITSUI OUTLET PARK?

Characteristics of
Mitsui Shopping Park & MITSUI OUTLET PARK


We are providing you "the things you want the most", ranging from world’s luxurious brands to Japan’s must-buys

A lineup of specialty stores that is going to satisfy all kinds of needs, with selected legit branded shops from inside and outside of Japan, such as famous high sense fashion, sports brands, kids brands, drugstores, and others.


A unique culture experience that you can only get in every region in Japan

With unique, fresh regional sushi, steaks using the best ingredients, Japan’s popular gourmet restaurants, and local souvenir shops at the large scale food court and specialty shops, there are a lot of great experience that you can only gain it here. There are popular tourist attractions of each region nearby, you can enjoy all of your sightseeing, from food, culture, even sceneries to your heart’s content.


We provide an "omotenashi" service that all foreign visitors can enjoy at ease

"We have impeccable services for foreign visitors, with a lot of the stores accept credit card and offer tax-free items, free Wi-Fi, currency exchange machine, multilingual call center, locker, and much more.

In order for all of our customers to be able to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience, we are welcoming you with an “omotenashi” spirit and safe, pleasant, clean business facilities."

Introduction of the Facilities

Featuring selected branded shops from inside and outside of Japan, from fashion to cosmetics and drugs-- all at outlet prices!

You can enjoy both sightseeing and shopping as the facilities are near 13 famous tourist attraction spot.

Store lineup that assembled fashions, gourmets, entertainment facilities and much more, complete with shopping places and food court!

We promise you a shopping experience that is going to make your heart dance.

The latest, unique, and original popular brands from inside and outside of Japan are assembled here.

We are providing you a space that you can enjoy, with large-scale entertainment facilities and food court featuring Tokyo’s famous stores.

You can fully appreciate a quality time with high quality shopping and gourmets that can only be found here.

Experience the fascinating Japanese food and cultures, and enjoy sightseeing to your heart’s content.

This large-scale business facility, directly connected to Kawasaki station, is composed of 330 specialty stores of fashions, gourmets, cinemas, electronic store, and others, and can be enjoyed all day long.