Facility Services

Facility Services

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Food Court

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  • 972-1 Nishinakano, Oyabe City, Toyama

Service details

Convenient services for international customers



Free Internet connection available at Wi-Fi spots within the facility


Call Center

Call Center

Please contact us if you have any concerns or problems. A foreign language-speaking operator will assist you



Credit Cards

VISA, JCB, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club credit cards are accepted.(Excludes some shops.)

Union Pay

Union Pay

Can be used at all shops.
*Excluding FamilyMart and other stores.

Foreign currency exchange machine
*Business hours of the mall are applied to the operation hours.

<Available currency>

  • Foreign currency to Japanese yen
    *Chinese yuan, Taiwan dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Korean won,Thai baht, Singapore dollar, US dollar, Euro

Information Desk

  • Information Desk/Card Desk

    Information Desk/Card Desk

    Handling of inquiries regarding the facility and lost children.


  • ATMs


    Seven Bank ATM, CREDIT SAISON ATM, [Hokuriku Bank, Isurugi Shinkin Bank, Takaoka Shinkin Bank, JA Inaba Agricultural Cooperative ATM],
    Hokkoku Bank ATM, and E-net ATMs available.
    (Does not accept certain cards and devices.)

Customers with physical disabilities

  • Lending of Wheelchairs

    Lending of Wheelchairs

    Wheelchairs can be rented free of charge. Please note that the number of wheelchairs available is limited.

  • Priority Restrooms / Priority Restrooms (Ostomate)

    Wheelchair accessible priority restrooms are available.

Customers with children

  • Lending of Baby Strollers

    Lending of Baby Strollers

    Available at 1F west exit and below the escalator in front of GAP OUTLET at 2F east exit .
    Please note that the number of Baby Strollers available is limited.
    (100 yen coin will return after use.)

  • Nursing Room


    Nursing rooms are available at two locations inside the facility. The rooms feature diaper changing tables, changing spaces, and hot water equipment. Rooms can be used to make baby formula as well.

  • Diaper Changing Room


    Each restroom has a diaper changing table that is suitable for children between 1 month and 2 and a half years old. There are 5 locations inside the facility.

  • Parent-Child Restrooms

    Parent-Child Restrooms

    Baby keeps are available for children 5 months old - 2 1/2 years old to sit in in men's and women's restroom stalls.

Other services

  • Coin Lockers

    Coin Lockers

    Coin lockers available next to the restrooms the 2F food court.

    H78 cm × W35 cm × D49 cm
    H51 cm × W35 cm × D43 cm
    Free (100 yen coin will return after use)
  • Foreign currency exchange

    Foreign currency exchange

    Hallway next to ZERO HALLIBURTON OUTLET by the 1F east entrance.

    <Available currency>

    • Foreign currency to Japanese yen
      *Chinese yuan, Taiwan dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Korean won,Thai baht, Singapore dollar, US dollar, Euro
    • Japanese yen to foreign currency
      *US dollar only
  • Smoking Areas

    Smoking Areas

    Three locations inside the facility.

  • Parking Services

    Parking Services


  • Prayer Room

    Prayer Room

    Found at the hallway next to UNDER ARMOUR FACTORY HOUSE on the 2F.

  • Clothing Alterations

    Clothing Alterations

    2F Mama no Reform.
    Please inquire at the store for completion times and fees.

  • Mobile battery rental services

    Mobile battery rental services

    JUREN is a mobile battery rental service
    that enables you to charge your phone on the go.
    Rental Fee:¥330 (with tax)

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