Facility Services

Facility Services

Business HoursBusiness Hours

Varies by shop
●Food court
Weekdays : 11:00-21:00(Last order 20:30)
Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays : 10:30-21:00(Last order 20:30)

Closed OnClosed On

  • Not fixed


  • 368 Urayasu, Nagashima-cho, Kuwana City, Mie

Service details

Convenient services for international customers



Free Internet connection available at Wi-Fi spots within the facility


Call Center

Call Center

Please contact us if you have any concerns or problems. A foreign language-speaking operator will assist you



Credit Cards

VISA, JCB, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club credit cards are accepted.(Excluding some stores.)

Union Pay

Union Pay

Can be used.
* Not accepted in some stores.

Foreign currency exchange machine
*Business hours of the mall are applied to the operation hours.

<Available currency>

  • Foreign currency to Japanese yen
    *Chinese yuan, Taiwan dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Korean won,Thai baht, Singapore dollar, US dollar, Euro

Information Desk

  • General Information Center

    Tourist Information Center

    ・Facility guide
    ・Services for customers coming as a group
    ・Handing over coupons
    ・Handing over shopping tickets
    ・Assisting with missing children


  • ATMs


    <Seven Bank ATM>
    *Union Pay accepted.

    <Saison ATM>

    <Hyakugo Bank ATM, San ju San Bank>
    ■ Handling cash cards San ju San Bank affiliated financial institutions
    (Sat, Sun, Holidays until 17:00)
    ■Handling cash cards from Japan Post Bank

Customers with physical disabilities

  • Priority Restrooms / Priority Restrooms (Ostomate)

    Wheelchair accessible priority restrooms are available.

Customers with children

  • Lending of Baby Strollers

    Lending of Baby Strollers

    * Free lending at the North Area 1F Information Desk.
    (Until 4 years of age, up to 18kg)
    * Please return baby strollers to the same location they were borrowed from.
    * The number of available strollers is limited.

  • Kids' Room

    Kids' Room

    A spacious area for the whole family to relax in between shopping.Located next to “Jouete” on the 2nd floor of the North Area.

  • Nursing room

    Nursing room

    There are four locations within the facility for nursing. Changing and diaper changing spaces as well as hot water are available. Can also be used for making baby formula.

  • Diaper Changing Room

    Lending of Baby Strollers

    Diaper changing tables that can accommodate children 1 month - 2 1/2 years old are available at four locations.

  • Parent-Child Restrooms

    Parent-Child Restrooms

    Baby Keeps for children 5 months - 2 1/2 years old to sit on and Baby Sheets for 1 month - 2-year-old children to sleep on are available in men's and women's restroom stalls.Children's toilet seats and washstands are also available.

Other services

  • Coin Lockers

    Coin Lockers

    Sites: 1st floor of South Area, 1st floor of Parkside Area,
    in front of the restroom next to SHIPS on the 1st floor of South Area,
    next to BOUL'ANGE Café on the 1st floor of South Area,
    at the back of Gong cha on the 1st floor of South Area,
    at the back of SAINT LAURENT on the 1st floor of Parkside Area
    Coin lockers are installed at the above sites.
    Please store your baggage that is unnecessary for shopping in a locker and enjoy shopping.
    (Change machines were added.)

    ●Available hours
    10:00 - 20:00 (following the business hours of the facilities)
    200 yen for a S size / 300 yen for a M size / 400 yen for a L size
    600 yen for a XL size / 800 yen for a XXL size
    *Please refrain from using a coin locker outside business hours (The use of coin lockers is limited to the use on the day).
    ●Sizes of coin lockers
    [XXL] width: 540mm height: 1,142mm depth: 675mm
    [XL] width: 540mm height: 567mm depth: 675mm
    [L] width: 357mm height: 802mm depth: 513mm
    [M] width: 357mm height: 533mm depth: 453mm
    [S] width: 357mm height: 398mm depth: 453mm
  • Clothing Alterations

    Clothing Alterations

    Available at “reparera+” on the 2nd floor of the Park Side Area.

  • Smoking Areas

    Smoking Areas

    Smoking areas are available at five locations. Please smoke in the designated locations with ashtrays when smoking outside the building.
    * Smoking is prohibited within the facility at all times.

  • Parking Services

    Parking Services

    <Fee> 1,000 yen / day
    The parking area is shared with Nagashima Spa Land.
    For customers who make a purchase of at least 3,000 yen at a single store, a parking fee return service is available within the facility.
    Please be sure to bring your parking stub with you and not leave it inside the car.

  • Cell Phone Chargers

    Smoking Areas

    Two cell phone charging stations are available. 100 yen for 20 minutes of charging.
    * Some cell phone models are not supported

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