Facility Services

Facility Services

Business HoursBusiness Hours

Food Court

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  • 2023/2/21(Tue)

Service details

Convenient services for international customers



Free Internet connection available at Wi-Fi spots within the facility


Call Center

Call Center

Please contact us if you have any concerns or problems. A foreign language-speaking operator will assist you



Credit Cards

VISA, JCB, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club credit cards are accepted.(Excludes some shops.)

Union Pay


Can be used at all shops.
*Excludes 7-Eleven and kitchen cars.



Service available at certain stores only.

Foreign currency exchange machine
*Business hours of the mall are applied to the operation hours.

<Available currency>

  • Foreign currency to Japanese yen
    *Chinese yuan, Taiwan dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Korean won,Thai baht, Singapore dollar, US dollar, Euro

Information Desk

    Tax-free Counter


    ・Floor guide
    ・The process for tax refund
    ・Available in English and Chinese

ATM / Cash dispenser

  • ATMs


    Seven Bank ATM * UnionPay can be used.
    Mizuho ATM Corner, Chiba Bank ATM
    Sumitomo Mitsui Bank ATM, and Keiyo Bank ATM are also available.

  • Cash Dispensers

    Cash Dispensers

    Cash advances are available using credit cards that are accepted at Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu.

Customers with physical disabilities

  • Wheelchair loan

    Lending of Wheelchairs

    Lending of wheelchairs is available at 5 locations.
    *Lending a refundable deposit of 100 yen.
    *Please return wheelchairs to the same location as they were borrowed from.

  • Accessible toilet/Accessible toilet ostomate-friendly

    Wheelchair accessible priority restrooms are available.

Customers with children

  • Stroller loan

    Lending of Baby Strollers

    Lending baby strollers is available at 5 locations. Refundable deposit of 100 yen is required.
    *Please return baby strollers to the same location as they were borrowed from.

  • Nursing Room

    There are 5 locations within the facility for nursing.Changing and diaper changing spaces, and hot water are available. Can also be used for making baby formula.

  • Diaper Changing Room

    Diaper changing tables that can accommodate children 1 month - 2 1/2 years old are available in each restroom.

  • Children's toilet

    Parent-Child Restrooms

    Baby keeps are available for children 5 months old - 2 1/2 years old to sit in in men's and women's restroom stalls.

Other services

  • Coin Lockers

    Coin Lockers

    Coin operated lockers (refundable 100 yen deposit) are available at 3 locations within the facility.
    <Fee> Free

  • Alterations


    Available at reparera.

  • Smoking room

    Smoking Areas

    Smoking areas are available at 5 locations within the facility. When outside the building, Please smoke in designated locations with ashtrays. *Smoking is prohibited at all times within the facility.

  • Parking

    Parking Services

    <Hours>9:30 - 21:30

  • Prayer room

    May be used freely for prayer.

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