Frequently Asked Questions

よくある質問 よくある質問

Q. What are your business hours?

Our business hours are as follows.

Food Court

Q. When are you closed?


Q. Are there tax free shops?

Please see the list of tax free shops for details.

Q. Are credit cards accepted?

VISA, JCB, MasterCard, American Express,
and Diners Club credit cards are accepted (excludes some shops).

Q. Are Union Pay accepted?

Can be used at all shops.
*Excludes 7-Eleven and kitchen cars.

Q. Are there any FREE Wi-Fi spots?

There are a number of locations within the facility (free).
User registration inside the facility is required.

Q. Are there staff that speak foreign languages?

There is a call center available.

Q. Is there a floor guide?

Yes, floor guides are available inside the facility.
You can also view a PDF of the floor guide.

Q. Can purchased items be shipped overseas?

Unfortunately, overseas shipping is not available.

Q. Are there coin operated lockers?

Coin Lockers
Coin operated lockers (refundable 100 yen deposit)
are available at 3 locations within the facility.


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