Railway Lines

Railway Lines


LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza ■72-1  Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 212-8576 ■TEL:+81-3-5927-9321(Calling from overseas)/0120-355-231(Calling from Japan)

Opening Hours

※ Hours may be different for some stores.


What credit cards can I use?

VISA, JCB,MasterCard and American Express.(However, please be advised that not all shops accept all kinds.)

Can I change foreign currencies to yen?

Unfortunately this service is not available at LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza. Please use the services of a bank or currency exchange agency.

Are there coin lockers available?

Yes, in front of the 1F cloakroom. (Large lockers: 600 yen, small lockers: 300 yen.)

Are there any duty free shops?

Click here for the list of duty-free stores.

Is it possible to borrow pushchairs or wheelchairs?

Yes, please inquire with the customer center or the information counter for details.

Do you have an international dispatch service?

Unfortunately we don’t.

 Can I use travelers checks?

Unfortunately not.