Information Desk

Please feel free to visit us located on the 1st floor, if you need any assistance.
Our services include, but are not limited to, floor guides and information, lost child announcements, lost and found, and wheelchair rental.

Mall Attendants

Mall attendants can be found throughout LaLaport TOYOSU. Feel free to ask them for guidance, lost child assistance or anything else you may require.


The JTB Information Center provides tourist and transportation information about the Tokyo metropolitan area and other areas throughout Japan. Accommodation booking services are also available.

Multi-Language Call Center Service

Call center staff is available to provide support in either English or Chinese.

Credit Cards

Major credit cards are accepted. Please ask at the shop whether your credit card is accepted or not.

Withdrawing Japanese Yen with a Credit Card

Japanese yen can be withdrawn from Seven Bank ATMs on the first and second floors.


ATMs are available on the first and second floors.

Coin-Operated Lockers

Coin-operated lockers are available on the first and second floors.


AEDs are located on each floor.

Smoking Areas

Smoking rooms are located on each floor.

Parenting Rooms

Parenting rooms equipped with diaper changing tables or seats, drink carton vending machines and equipment supplying hot water are available on each floor.

Multi-Functional Restroom for those with Disabilities

Multi-functional restrooms for people with physical disabilities, expectant mothers and elderly guests are available on each floor.