Information Desk

Feel free to visit the Information Desk on the second floor.
The Information Desk is the place to get directions (including floor maps), ask about lost children, have somebody paged, check Lost & Found, and borrow strollers and wheelchairs.

Mall attendants

We're sorry, but there are no mall attendants.

Foreign money exchange

There is no foreign currency exchange available.

Multilingual call center services

No multilingual call center services are available.

Use of credit cards

Major credit cards are accepted. Please ask at the individual store regarding specific cards.

Credit card withdrawals in Japanese yen

We're sorry, but credit card withdrawals in Japanese yen are not available.


Located on the first floor.

Coin lockers

Coin lockers are available on the first floor.


An automated external defibrillator (AED) is located on each floor.

Smoking areas

Smoking rooms are available on each floor.

Nursing rooms

Nursing rooms are available on second floor and third floor, and include changing tables, changing sheets, carton drink vending machines, and hot water equipment, etc.

  • Multifunction toilets for disabled guests, etc.
  • Ostomate multifunction toilets are available on the first floor and fourth floor for disabled guests, senior citizens, and pregnant women.