Q1: Can I use a UnionPay Card?

A: Yes. It can be used at a number of shops. However, not all shops accept it.

Q2: Where can I exchange foreign currency?

A: There is no foreign currency exchange available.

Q3: Are there staff members who can provide assistance in languages other than Japanese?

A: We're sorry, but we do not have support staff for languages other than Japanese.

Q4: Can I use credit cards?

A: Yes. Major credit cards are accepted. Please ask at the individual store regarding specific cards.

Q5: Are strollers available?

A: Yes. They can be borrowed free of charge at the Information Desk.

  • Numbers are limited.
  • Strollers cannot be reserved in advance. Please ask at the Information Desk.

Q6: Is duty-free shopping available?

A: Some shops provide duty-free shopping. Please ask at the individual shop for details.

Q7: Is there a drugstore?

A: Yes. The drugstore HAC Drug is located on the first floor.

Q8: Is there a place for boarding/disembarking large buses?

A: No.

Q9: Is there a Uniqlo store?

A: Yes. It is located on the second floor.