“GUNDAM docks”First Time in Japan! Mobile Suit GUNDAM Dominates DiverCity Tokyo Plaza!

Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd. and the BANDAI NAMCO Group hold "GUNDAM docks at TOKYO JAPAN" in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza from November 20, 2017 to January 8, 2018, the first GUNDAM docks event in Japan. Inside the DiverCity building, huge GUNDAM statues are exhibited. At the same time, limited goods are sold, and events are held. We are hoping to see a lot of GUNDAM fans here.

On different floors of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza different-series GUNDAM wrappings are used and exhibitions of different GUNDAM series are held. GUNADAM designs are used everywhere: the pillars, the entrance, the stairwell glass, and the elevators, etc. On each of the first, third, fourth, and fifth floors, a 1/10-scale GUNDAM statue from the GUNDAM series of each floor is exhibited. In the stairwell space from the fourth to sixth floor, a gigantic Haro balloon of about two meters across is displayed. It's possible to take a picture with three-dimensional art at the event space on the 4th floor.
They seem to have entered into the world of Gundam.

The exhibition contents

  • [GUNDAM docks at Hong Kong]

  • [GUNDAM docks at SINGAPORE]

  • [GUNDAM docks at TAIWAN]

* Certain exhibition and wrappings exist until January 31 in 2018.

Spectacular exhibition of 21 gigantic figures of 1/10 scale!

On the O-Kaidan (or grand staircase) of the Festival Plaza of DiverCity Tokyo, which is the main spot of this event, a total of 21 statues of GUNDM, GM, and Zaku are exhibited. Video images are also projected with LED in the back. You can enjoy a spectacular presentation in collaboration with the statues.

Place: The grand staircase of the Festival Plaza of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

LED Presentation Hours: 10:00 - 21:00 Every Day

* This presentation is suspended at the time of night presentation of the life-size statue of Unicorn Gundam

Various campaigns are on in accordance with the event

Entertainment Space

Stamp rally

A "stamp rally" event is being held. If you go around in the event facility to get the impressions of rubber stamps at various locations, you can win a mobile phone screen cleaner decorated with a design of the United Nation Troops or Zeon armed forces. Prizes change from one period to another, so you can enjoy this campaign many times.

Prizes with theUnited Nation Troops Design:
From Monday, November 20 to Thursday, December 14

Prizes with theZeon armed forces Design:
1From Friday, December 15 to Monday (Holiday), January 8

* The number of prize items per day is limited. When the predetermined number is exhausted, the stamp rally event will be closed for that day.

Mobile Cleaner

GUNDAM design is used in the food court too!

Paper cups in the food court on the second floor bear the original design for "GUNDAM docks at TOKYO JAPAN."

* The number of the paper cups per day is limited. When the predetermined number is exhausted, we will stop providing the paper cups for that day.

GUNDAM fan club coupon present

Official app from GUNDAM FANCLUB, "GUNDAM FANCLUB," is holding a special present project. Please download the GUNDAM FANCLUB app, and show the designated screen at the information desk on the third floor. Then you will get a coupon that can be used at stores in DiverCity Tokyo.

GUNDAM docks original goods are on sale!

At the GUNDAM trailer shop at the foot of the life-size statue of Unicorn Gundam, GUNDAM docks original goods are being sold.
Lots of originally designed items such as clear plastic folders and original T-shirts are coming up soon.For more information, access our official website .We will update our website when something new comes up.

  • [GUNDAM docks at TOKYO JAPAN] clear plastic folders 400yen(tax)

  • [GUNDAM docks at TOKYO JAPAN] Limited post card 150yen(tax)

Christmas campaign

At the cashier, you will get a scratch card for every 2000 yen of purchase you make at any store in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. You can exchange a winning car with a prize at the campaign counter inside the building. You can also collect five losing cards and get a chance to do a garapon lottery once.

Period: From Saturday, November 18, 2017 to Monday, December 25, 2017

* When all the prizes are exhausted, this lottery event will be closed.


Course in building a Gunpla is being offered

During the event period, a Gunpla trial course in which even beginners can enjoy building a Gunpla is held. You can go home with the Gunpla that you built.

Schedule: Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays during the period of GUNDAM docks

Participation cost: Free

* An event may be cancelled because of other events being held

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 World is held!

This year is the 10th anniversary of the first television broadcast of "Mobile Suit Gundam 00." In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary, an exhibition is being held in the store.

Period: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during event period of the execution.

Admission fees: Free

* Admission may be limited because of other events being held.


The final rounds of Bandai’s official GUNPLA BUILDERS WORLD CUP to decide the Japan champion and the world champion are held.

* Japan Championship Final Round Commendation Ceremony: Sunday, November 26, 2017

* World Championship Final Round Commendation Ceremony: Sunday, December 17, 2017

From November 20, 2017 until January 8, 2018, let's all get excited together with "Mobile Suit GUNDAM"!